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Director's Reel

Director’s Reel


Whatever It takes to make it move

It’s never easy trying to explain to people what I do for a living. I am a photographer. I am also a filmmaker. But these two halves of my life occupy vastly different parts of my brain and require vastly different approaches to getting the job done. As a photographer, I shoot from the hip and trust my intuitions. I love surprises and I roll with the punches. I lose myself in the moment, and everything becomes a blur. As a director, I think and plan and think again, I break every choice down to their smallest movable units, and I check my math after every choice, just so my collaborators - the actors, the cinematographer, the stuntmen, and set designer, the composer - can lose themselves in the moment. Whatever it takes.


Kosta Browne - Obsessed with Pinot (
Karma - Let's Get to Work (
Meklit Hadero - Kemekem (
Rope-a-Dope 2 (
Anastasia - Extranjero (
Atmosphere - Kanye West (
The Coup - Magic Clap feat. Patton Oswalt (
The Uncluded - Delicate Cycle feat. Lil' Bub (
Don't Be a Hero (coming soon)
Credit Karma - Bess's Car (
Intel - Basis Peak (
Uber - Alloy (
Leo - This is Myles (
Aesop Rock - Cycles to Gehenna (
Calm - Brand Video (
Jansen - Prezcobix Wisdom
Aesop Rock - ZZZ Top (
Eat Club - (
OpenTable - 100 OpenTables (
Calphalon - Your Set (
Y La Bamba - Libre (
Bodega Garzon - Mood Film (
Cirq - Russian River Valley (
Rope-a-Dope (
Sols - Live Your Life (
Con Brio - Money (
Robery Mondavi - Coastal Crush (
The Coup - Magic Clap (

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